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All About Mercury

During our 12 year history, Mercury has served business' cabling and communications needs throughout the United States & Canada.  We are a full service communications contractor, fully staffed and able to handle your project from design to ribbon cutting.


From technicians and laborers to administrative and management personnel, our associates are the ongoing building blocks that reflect the hallmark of quality our clients have come to recognize. Their expertise and constant dedication to service and quality helps mitigate your risk and ensure the successful completion of your project


A significant portion of Mercury's business is generated from repeat clientel.   We believe this is a credit to our old-fashioned work ethic and our undying commitment to quality craftsmanship.  Our clients demand excellence, requiring us to be attentive and responsive to their individual needs.  It is our duty, as well as our pleasure, to oblige. 


Our expansive knowledge and vast experience are often called upon to assist clients in meeting stringent project budgets.  Project modification, through valued engineering, is a service we provide, oftentimes resulting in better cost efficiency and ultimately a happier client.  It would be absurd to state that each and every project we handle is completed without any problems at all.  We believe that the mark of a good contractor is the ability to handle the inevitable problems that arise without delaying the completion or inflating the budget.

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