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CCTV and Surveillance
Mercury ISI offers custom built, fully integrated security systems for business and industry, complete with professional installation and support.  We offer both long-established, traditional analog-based CCTV surveillance systems, as well as new digital based technologies.  

Our custom-designed surveillance systems offer businesses all across the nation a "single source" solution to eliminate losses.  We provide on-site needs analysis, program design, turn-key installation, local on-site service, full warranty, maintenance and support.  Working directly with the business/end user gives us the ability to provide more security for your dollar than anyone else in the industry.  Our technicians are committed to insuring a trouble free installation, proper systems training, and complete customer satisfaction.     
Digital Video Recorders
Digital recording technology provides unparalleled superiority over analog technologies in the areas of performance, reliability, image resolution and overall feature-to feature benefits.  Digital technology has become faster, smarter, sharper,and more reliable than VHS based systems.  Many of the advantages of digital over VHS are illustrated below. 

  • Crystal clear playback:  Digital offers playback of over 520+ lines as opposed to the mere 300-350 lines that tape records.  Excellent high resolution quality up to 720x484 pixels, close to 70% sharper than VHS.
  • Less Hassle:  Digital offers a higher density of recorded materials allowing for longer recording then on VHS tapes.  Digital records on a computer hard drive unit for as long as you want to keep it. 
  • Easy to use:  Digital is very straight forward.  Replay is quick and simple, with instant time and date search features.  Digital provides immediate access to video recordings.  No more countless hours of searching through tapes. 
  • Remote viewing and playback:  Use any type of connection available: Modem, DSL, WAN, LAN, or Cable Modem to monitor your business from anywhere in the world. 
  • Simultaneous recording and playback:  Digital allows you to playback and search archived materials without worrying about disrupting recording.
  • Save management time:  Rapid search features with digital save hours of viewing VHS tapes. 
  • Lower maintenance costs:  Due to no moving parts with digital recording, you can't wear out a hard drive media as you can tapes (tapes must be replaced with new ones after they have been used 5-10 times).  Digital systems further your savings since they don't need regular servicing, cleaning or replacement of video heads. 
  • Very cost effective:  All units can easily interface into your existing analog camera and or multiplexor based systems. 
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